About Us

Striving to make every effort a new level of achievement for service receivers and the guard force, imparting the expertise and knowledge to propel the guard force to greater heights.

ASEC Vision is to elevate the security industry standard a step higher by means of appropriate rewards, team cohesiveness and improved working environment.

The company was established in November 2011 and subsequently licenses obtained from Singapore Police Force (PLRD) to operate as a Security Agency and a Private Investigation Agency in early 2012.

ANTICIPATE - To nullify by taking advance countermeasures
Appropriate recommendation in prevention of security breaches through Site Recognition and Risk Assessment of the site or event, regardless of size and area of coverage to ensure the security threats are nullified
SECURE - Well guarded and strongly protected
Your asset will be well watched over by security officers with years of experience, trained and certified by the recognized institutions. Your peace of mind is the contentment for us
ENHANCE - To improve, strengthen the quality of façade and men
At ASEC we seek constant improvement; from façade security systems, features enhancement and officers' capability development by virtue of continuous training and exposure. Evolving customer service with the core essence of security, we strive to deliver service with a smile yet firm and tactful
CONTROL - To take charge and manage
By understanding the challenges, we have the ability to take charge and control the situation. Thus, at ASEC we strive to evolve with our client, where the officers and systems complement each other. When any unanticipated situation occurs the officers take charge and manage it well; only then we at ASEC have met our expectations.

Our Value Propositions


  • Pool of dedicated security officers
  • Trained and experienced
  • Supervisory Checks and Visits

RA - Events & Sites

  • Threat, Vulnerability, Likelihood and Consequences assessment to identify and minimize any probable threat

Team Cohesiveness

  • At ASEC we encourage and practice team bonding
  • Good work environment provides good work conducts


  • Appropriate pay scale
  • Balanced work family life approach
  • Career advancement

Our Staff Training

At ASEC Security we are committed to provide the following trainings for our pool of trained security officers:

  • Customer Service – Service with a smile
  • Security Screening – Baggage and persons
  • Conduct Security Sweep – Procedures and Practical
  • Traffic Management
  • Crowd Management
  • Fire Safety Awareness – Basic Fire Fighting
  • First Aid and AED
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Legal Rights of Security Officers – Dos and Don’ts

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